Video Chat Site Rules

1. Respectful Behavior: Maintain mutual respect and understanding among users. Remember that everyone comes from different backgrounds and cultures.

2. No Threats or Harassment: Any form of threats, harassment, or malicious behavior is strictly prohibited. The platform aims to provide a safe and positive environment.

3. No Inappropriate Content: Sharing sexual content, violence, hate speech, or illegal materials is not allowed. The platform strives to maintain a morally appropriate environment.

4. Limited Personal Information: Avoid explicitly sharing real names, addresses, or other personal information. Privacy is essential.

5. No Advertising or Spam: Activities aimed at causing discomfort to other users through advertising or spam are not allowed.

6. Compliance with Laws: All users on the platform must adhere to applicable laws. Any illegal activity is strictly prohibited and may be reported to the authorities.

7. Compliance with Moderator Instructions: It is important to follow the instructions of moderators who are assigned to maintain order and ensure user safety on the platform.

8. User Accounts and Security: Users are responsible for the security of their own accounts. Avoid sharing account information and be cautious about password security.

9. Reporting Complaints and Violations: Users can report suspicious behavior or situations where they believe rules are being violated.

10. Language Choice and Tolerance: Tolerance should be exercised towards users speaking different languages. Be understanding to overcome language barriers.

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